Annual Summit

Global China Connection Summit is an annual initiative that began in the spring of 2012. Every year, GCC Central Management organizes an annual conference in the United States and invite the participation of our chapters across the world. This year, the summit will be hosted by The George Washington University chapter.

This year, Global China Connection presents the 2019 GCC Global Summit with the theme, "Under Pressure: Sino-U.S. Relations on the Threshold." Under the current political climate, we aspire to facilitate timely discussion on the challenges and prospects of the U.S.-China diplomatic and trade relations, exploring the opportunities in business and entrepreneurship, as well as recognize the social progress of female empowerment.

Past Summits


Global China Connection presents the 2018 GCC Global Summit with the theme, "China's Transformation: A Decade of Innovation." This year, we aim to tell the stories of China’s new generation of entrepreneurs, exchange views on the growing foreign investment of China in the United States, and discuss the shifting focus of Chinese politics on the global stage.


Our previous annual conference took place at Cornell University on April 15th 2017 in Ithaca, NY. With the theme of “Illuminating China’s Potential”, the annual conference featured several panels and fireside chats, covering topics from Chinese entrepreneurs expanding business in the United States, China’s role on the international stage to affect world governmental policy, and the role of art in linking Eastern and Western culture.


GCC New York University Chapter hosted the 2016 World Summit in New York City. This conference aimed to build meaningful relationships between leaders, entrepreneurs and university students for future endeavors. In this event, attendees engaged in discussions with professionals on diverse topics and had the opportunities to participate in a Career Fair hosted by prominent companies, attend up and coming startups’ showcase, and better understand the Chinese culture.