Understanding the Sino-U.S. Trade Relations

As the pain point of the current US-China relations, this panel is designed to first facilitate a discussion of educational value with the hope of clarifying and strengthening the audience’s understanding of the origin, current status, and the future impact of the US-China trade war. What are some of the misconceptions about the trade-war? About the Chinese Economy? About the global economy? What are the possible scenarios of the trade war and how likely will each play out?


Yukon Huang

Yukon Huang is a senior fellow in the Carnegie Asia Program, where his research focuses on China’s economy and its regional and global impact.


Wayne Morrison


Ambassador Craig Allen

Wayne Morrison is a Specialist in Asian Trade at Congressional Research Service in Washington, DC.

Ambassador Craig Allen is the sixth President of the United States-China Business Council (USCBC), a private, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization representing over 200 American companies doing business with China.

Ambassador Craig Allen was the United States ambassador to Brunei since 2014. Previously in 1988, Craig transferred to the American Institute in Taiwan where he served as Director of the American Trade Center in Taipei.