Sino-U.S. Relations: Challenges and Prospects

In recognition to the 40th anniversary of the normalization of the US-China relations and in the era of uncertainty, the panel explores the different areas of challenges and cooperation underlying the current state of US-China relations, as well as evaluate and speculate its future prospects.

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Dr. Robert Sutter

Robert Sutter is a professor and Director of Practice of International Affairs at the George Washington University. His areas of expertise is at U.S.- China relations. During 1968-2001, he was the Director of the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Division of the Congressional Research Service, the National Intelligence Officer of State’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research, and professional staff member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


Kaiser Kuo

Kaiser Kuo is a Chinese American freelance writer and a musician. He previously worked as director for international communication for Chinese search engine Baidu and wrote columns for foreigner-focused English-language magazine, The Beijinger. Kaiser started the Sinica show, a current affairs podcast based in Beijing that invites prominent China journalists and China-watchers to participate in thoughtful discussions about Chinese political and economic affairs.


Ali Wyne