Sino-U.S. Relations: Challenges and Prospects

In recognition to the 40th anniversary of the normalization of the US-China relations and in the era of uncertainty, the panel explores the different areas of challenges and cooperation underlying the current state of US-China relations, as well as evaluate and speculate its future prospects.

Business & Finance in China

The U.S.-Chinese relation in 2018-2019 was characterized by the trade war between the two nations. The tough situation on trade creates an unpredictable future for anyone that has invested or plans to invest in China or the U.S. In this panel, we will look at the current and future investment opportunities and challenges in the two largest economies in the world from macroeconomic perspective as well as from that of an individual investor in the money game.

Understanding the Sino-U.S. Trade Relations

As the pain point of the current US-China relations, this panel is designed to first facilitate a discussion of educational value with the hope of clarifying and strengthening the audience’s understanding of the origin, current status, and the future impact of the US-China trade war. What are some of the misconceptions about the trade-war? About the Chinese Economy? About the global economy? What are the possible scenarios of the trade war and how likely will each play out?